RedRock is a trading division of Celaton Limited. RedRock is a leading developer of communications & messaging software, incorporating mobile messaging, internet connectivity and fax messaging. An exceptional software company, we are committed to the development of world class software products that make it easy for PC and network users to communicate globally.

Founded in 1993, we have particular expertise in LAN to mobile, LAN to internet and LAN to fax technologies. Our understanding of the terms Integration, Seamless, User-friendly and Quality are key to all our software products and our key features are simplicity and reliability.

Headquartered in Milton Keynes - United Kingdom with international offices, we develop, market and support our software products via a world-wide channel of distributors, resellers, OEM's and strategic partners.

At RedRock, over half of the divisions personnel are dedicated to development, technical support and service operations. Through many years of experience we know more about the communications and messaging market than any other company, consequently our level of re-investment in technical and support services for our customers is significant. As a result, our professional development and support teams have the knowledge, experience and resources to ensure our market leading technology provides our world-wide client base with the maximum return for their business.

We are, first and foremost, a technology based company with a clear understanding of our customers requirements. Our extensive knowledge of communications and experience of system implementation enables us to develop our software to meet client requirements for today and the future...



Corporate Headquarters

Celaton Ltd.
Noble House

Capital Drive
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom
MK14 6QP

Main Telephone +44 (0) 870 128 0000
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Support Telephone +44 (0)870 128 0002
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RedRock North America
Chips Court
Suite 300
Port Jefferson
New York 11777

Tollfree 800 488 7771
Telephone +1 631 473 2260
Fax +1 631 473 2246